International Activities-Διεθνείς Δράσεις

PROJECT Shape.Your.World in Novi Sad!

The final meeting of our project took place in mid-July!

From July 12th to 14th 2022, the fourth meeting took place as part of our Erasmus+ project Shape.Your.World! This time four partner groups met in Novi Sad (Serbia).

We spent 3 days with activities on different aspects of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and got to know the work of our hosts and partner group from their networks.

On the first day, our host, the association Youth center CK13 (“Black House No. 13”), gave us a detailed presentation of their varied work. CK13 is a cultural and youth center that plays quite a prominent role in the local community. This is both a cultural center with spaces for concerts, discussions, film events and exhibitions, as well as an important meeting place and place for many social initiatives in the city, such as solidarity kitchen (to support the homeless), or environmental, vegan, feminist, queer and similar groups.(

After that we all went on a professional excursion together to the “Radulovacki” environmental center in the nearby town of Sremski Karlovci. It is a very impressive, modernly equipped facility with its own accommodation and seminar rooms, whose work is dedicated to environmental education and ESD. We got a detailed insight into the history, concepts and working methods of the environmental center.

The high light of our visit was an excursion to the “Sodros Survivor Camp”, a citizens’ initiative that is actively involved against development plans in Novi Sad. The city of Novi Sad has already become notorious for its disastrous urban development: endless development of entire districts burdened with corruption allegations, contempt for the environment, sustainable planning, well-being and interest of the citizens cause a lot of resentment and have caused several waves of protests. Survivor Camp Sodros is one such, very broad citizen movement that opposes the destruction of one of the last natural oases in the city. We visited their “protest tent camp”, discussed various problems and challenges with representatives of the initiative and took part in a beautiful boat trip on Sodros.

Since our meeting in Novi Sad was also our final meeting within the framework of the “Shape.Your.World” project, we made an in-depth evaluation of the overall project and continued discussions about plans for our future cooperation, which we already discussed in Ljubljana. And there the contours of a new project are emerging, which we would like to tackle together next year!

In other words: Shape.Your.World goes on! And we are very happy about that!

About the project:

The “Shape.Your.World” project brings together four institutions from Germany, Slovenia, Serbia and Greece and aims to involve youth education professionals who are already active in the field of environmental education and education for sustainable development (ESD) and want to share their knowledge and want to expand their skills, as well as those who have not had any experience in this topic but who would be interested in working in this field in the future. This affects both employees of the participating partner groups, as well as educators and specialists in youth education work from their environment, i.e. from their local partner institutions and networks.

The promoter of the project is the association INWOLE (Potsdam) and the project is carried out in cooperation with partner groups Educational Innovation (Giannitsa – Greece), KUD Pozitiv (Ljubljana – Slovenia) and CK13 (Novi Sad – Serbia).

The project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Project “Books with Life”

2nd transnational meeting in Giannitsa:


Adult learning mobilities -Erasmus+, KA1

EDV cooperated with Hochvier, Potsdam and provided two times the course : “ Game-Based methods in language teaching( March 2017 and 2018)

The purpose of this course was to explore teaching and learning of a language as a second language, through playful means that mainly involve non-formal education tools such as drama techniques, ICT tools, cartoon making, whole body participation e. t. c. The new “challenging” reality in a foreign country reveals that generally the powerful diptych of student motivation and teacher communication. styles could assist these learners in their education, encouraging their affective and cognitive skills.Additionally, an introductory panel on refugee issues on Greece today, visits to organizations that deal with refugee education, sightseeing tours in the host city and the wider area and an on-line course evaluation were realized. Finally, Bibliography and list of activities done were provided.


Erasmus+ Youth in Action

Title of project: “Youth for Heritage – The invention of nation – The invention of Europe?”

Three phases :

  • Advance Planning Visit in Weimar on 2th – 4th of June 2015.
  • Youth Exchange in Weimar on 7th – 14th of August 2015.
  • Evaluation meeting in Weimar on 2th – 6th of October 2015

Title of the Project:
” Non-Formal Education and Diversity in European Youth Work ”

  Three phases :


Title of the project :  “Non-Formal Education and Diversity in European Youth Work: Subjects – Methods – Exchange”

Experts’ meetings:

  • Regional Expert Panel II  in Sarajevo on 8th – 12th of June 2016

Youth exchange “Activate your soft skills” 2016-2-EL02-KA105-002508 (17-26 April 2017).

EDV hosted a successful exchange in Yiannitsa and cooperated with young people coming from the following partner organisations :Association for Career Development and Training from Bulgaria,Asociacion Diagonal Espana from Spain,Tmelník z.s. from Czech Republic,PAOLAB from Italy,ERFOLG from Latvia and Ocean Znanja U Republici Hrvatskoj from Croatia.

Title of project: “Street Views on Diversity”, Lecce, Italy, 2017,Host Partner: DIRITTI A SUD

3 phases:

  • Public Action “Street views on diversity” at Yiannitsa pedestrian hall:
  • Survey
  • slideshow

Youth Exchange ” Hack the Farm”, 20-31 October 2018, Urla/Izmir,Turkey,Host organisation:GEO