International Activities-Διεθνείς Δράσεις

Project “Books with Life”

2nd transnational meeting in Giannitsa:


Adult learning mobilities -Erasmus+, KA1

EDV cooperated with Hochvier, Potsdam and provided two times the course : “ Game-Based methods in language teaching( March 2017 and 2018)

The purpose of this course was to explore teaching and learning of a language as a second language, through playful means that mainly involve non-formal education tools such as drama techniques, ICT tools, cartoon making, whole body participation e. t. c. The new “challenging” reality in a foreign country reveals that generally the powerful diptych of student motivation and teacher communication. styles could assist these learners in their education, encouraging their affective and cognitive skills.Additionally, an introductory panel on refugee issues on Greece today, visits to organizations that deal with refugee education, sightseeing tours in the host city and the wider area and an on-line course evaluation were realized. Finally, Bibliography and list of activities done were provided.


Erasmus+ Youth in Action

Title of project: “Youth for Heritage – The invention of nation – The invention of Europe?”

Three phases :

  • Advance Planning Visit in Weimar on 2th – 4th of June 2015.
  • Youth Exchange in Weimar on 7th – 14th of August 2015.
  • Evaluation meeting in Weimar on 2th – 6th of October 2015

Title of the Project:
” Non-Formal Education and Diversity in European Youth Work ”

  Three phases :


Title of the project :  “Non-Formal Education and Diversity in European Youth Work: Subjects – Methods – Exchange”

Experts’ meetings:

  • Regional Expert Panel II  in Sarajevo on 8th – 12th of June 2016

Youth exchange “Activate your soft skills” 2016-2-EL02-KA105-002508 (17-26 April 2017).

EDV hosted a successful exchange in Yiannitsa and cooperated with young people coming from the following partner organisations :Association for Career Development and Training from Bulgaria,Asociacion Diagonal Espana from Spain,Tmelník z.s. from Czech Republic,PAOLAB from Italy,ERFOLG from Latvia and Ocean Znanja U Republici Hrvatskoj from Croatia.

Title of project: “Street Views on Diversity”, Lecce, Italy, 2017,Host Partner: DIRITTI A SUD

3 phases:

  • Public Action “Street views on diversity” at Yiannitsa pedestrian hall:
  • Survey
  • slideshow

Youth Exchange ” Hack the Farm”, 20-31 October 2018, Urla/Izmir,Turkey,Host organisation:GEO